About Chebe

The story behind Chebe

Chebe is a popular hair care powder used by Woman of the barasa tribe in Chad to grow their hair. Woman from this part of the continent are known to have very rich and long hair. Chebe is made from a plant called Croton Zambezicus (Lavender Croton) some of the ingredients include Mahlaba seed, Messic resin and Clove. This plant can be found in most parts of Africa including Ghana, Nigeria and Burkini Faso. The shrub can be found planted in front of houses mainly in towns and villages. The plant can also be used for medicinal purposes, it is used as treatment for people who suffer from diabetes. The plant is roasted, pounded and sieved to obtain the Chebe powder. Chebe is made from natural ingredients and contains no toxins. The word Chebe is actually a nickname given to the finished products by the locals of Chad.


Chebe is used to maintain and grow natural hair. It can be used on any hair type for both the growth and maintenance of healthy looking hair. It locks in moisture and keeps the hair hydrated, preventing hair damage.

Benefits of using Chebe

  • It balances the P.H of the hair shaft and scalp.
  • Helps grow natural hair.
  • It is also an anti-inflammatory and can prevent fungus and other scalp issues.
  • Prevents hair damage.
  • Gives your hair volume.
  • Keeps your hair moisture.

Ways of using Chebe

The traditional way that the women of Chad use Chebe Powder may not be practical for everyone’s lifestyle, but it can be used as a good deep conditioning treatment while you get busy reading, cleaning or binge watching your favourite series.


Mix your Chebe powder with our oil or with shea butter. Create a paste, be sure that it is not to thick or too loose, apply the mixture on wet hair. You can keep the mixture for as long as you like. Then rinse off and wash off with shampoo and style as desired.


Chebe powder can be used as hair treatment once a week, remember the more you do the treatment the better the results.

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