I have very dry and itchy scalp, which product can I use?

For a dry and itchy scalp you can try our Shea butter and hairspray. It will help moisturise your dry scalp. Shea butter will give you that all round moisturised feel.

My hair is prone to dandruff what can assist?

Dandruff is a common condition that causes the scalp to flake and at times it can be embarrassing. For dandruff prone hair you can use our Chebe shampoo which contains Moringa powder and Black soap. Apply small amounts of the Thuverley Chebe shampoo and massage into scalp every two to three days then follow with conditioner.

I have a very sensitive scalp is it safe to use Chebe?

A sensitive scalp can be irritating and painful at times. For a sensitive scalp you can use our hair mask to ease the sensitivity on your scalp. Blackseed, Henna, Jojoba and Raw black castor oil are some of the ingredients that are contained in the hair mask and they help in the treatment of sensitive scalp. Apply the mask daily to the roots and scalp of your hair.

Can I use Chebe on relaxed hair?

Yes, Chebe can be used on relaxed hair. You can use our variety of products to grow and maintain your hair.

I dyed my hair with blonde (colour), will using Chebe not affect the dye?

Our products can also be used on dyed hair, however, for a chebe treatment we suggest you do a treatment 8 days or more after you have dyed your hair.

I have curly hair can I use Chebe to grow and maintain my curls?

Yes, Chebe can be used to grow and maintain curly hair. You can use any of our products to grow and maintain your curls. Do a chebe treatment with powder and oil weekly.

My husband is balding, are the products suitable for men?

Balding is a common condition that affects most men. It can be attributed to aging, medication or it can be hereditary. Balding can be quiet embarrassing at times and it can affect your esteem. Our range of products can also be used to assist this condition on men. We suggest applying oil daily.

I have dreadlocks can I use Chebe as well?

Dreadlocks are quite popular amongst the the old and young, loved by men and women and can be quiet hard to maintain at times. Great news is that Chebe can be used for both the growth, moisture and maintenance of dreadlocks.

I have damaged hair will your products help in repairing my hair.

Damaged hair can be caused by a couple of factors including too much bleaching, perming, heat and certain chemicals in products. It affects every hair type from curly hair to coarse hair. For damaged hair you can use our Chebe conditioner which contains Moringa, White rice, Corn starch and Mango butter amongst other ingredients. The conditioner will help to restore Ph balance, prevent damaged hair and promotes elasticity.

I have a problem with split ends, what can I use to get rid of them?

Split ends occur when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle and frayed. They are usually caused by exposure to extreme weather conditions and too much blow drying. For split ends you can apply small amounts of our Thuverley Chebe shampoo to wet hair. Massage the shampoo gently on your scalp and rinse off when you are done follow up with applying the hair mask daily.

My hair lacks volume what can I use to make it thicker?

Lack of volume occurs as result of too much blow drying and heavy chemicals. Lack of volume gives the hair a thinner look. For that thicker more beautiful looking hair you can use our Thuverley Chebe powder once a week. You can combine it with our Chebe oil and make a paste. Apply it on the entire hair and leave it on for two hours, then rinse it off.

My hair is coarse and dread combing it?

A lot of women complain about coarse hair being painful to comb. For coarse and hard to comb hair you can use our Thuverley Chebe oil and spray, it will help to soften your hair and moisturise your scalp. You can apply it on your scalp and roots daily as part of your treatment.

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